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footnoted's next chapter

It's official: footnoted is no longer part of Morningstar Inc., and I'm no longer working full time for footnoted. This unfolded over several months, so it's no shock, and I'm already well into figuring out my next steps.

You can read the joint announcement of the change. Michelle, footnoted's founder, also published a blog post about the change on Tuesday. But like so many formal announcements, there isn't a ton of detail. So I thought I'd fill in what gaps I can.

Blogging the boilerplate fantastic

Two years in the footnotes (and counting)

In early 2010, I was beginning to make my peace with Bloomberg's acquisition of BusinessWeek in early 2010. I wasn't thrilled to have been moved to the newswire from the magazine (though it turned out most of the remaining magazine writers would be laid off soon after), but I was willing to give it a shot. The benefits were good, and as long as I stayed on top of the news, I thought I could carve out some time for some investigative reporting on the side.

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